Ten Ways Marketers Can Use QR Codes

Web enabled graphics are the way forward - it is not hard but must be done properly

QR (Quick Response) codes are all the rage at the moment.

Here at DMI we’re wondering if the success of such a simple yet powerful code will change the landscape of digital marketing in 2011 and beyond. Below we’ve listed ten different ways of using QR codes to outline their vast potential and, whether it’s B2B or B2C, we bet you’ll be surprised with some of the options!

Firstly, a quick introduction. A QR code is extremely easy to set up as it’s essentially just a barcode with a URL attached to it. The code can link to any page the owner wishes, skipping over the process of entering a URL manually.

Some brands are currently using QR codes in their editorial but many more aren’t. The potential for unique forms of engagement with consumers using the code is immeasurable and we expect some exciting interpretations of the technology to follow.

Here are ten ways that QR codes could be used in business:

On Business Cards
The next generation of business cards might just be here. Forget about standard contact details, the ‘QR card’ will direct your associates to a landing page with all the information you want to display.

Till Receipts.

Putting a QR code on the bottom of a receipt is a method yet to be fully implemented across the retail sector. It’s simple, cost effective and an easy way to engage with a consumer directly-especially for brands looking to appeal to a mobile savvy demographic.

Consumer Mailing
Placing a QR code on the bottom of all printed/digital communication which then directs users to a landing page is a clever approach to direct marketing, encouraging readers to choose electronic mailing for future updates.

Product Labels
Whether it’s on swing tickets or printed product information, the code could link to a landing page which details all product information at the click of a button. Yes, it’s that easy.

Public Transport
The QR Code is starting to make its mark on the underground, and further expansion into public transport should reap dividends for businesses looking to advertise through these mediums. A well placed QR code on the back of a seat on the bus, or on the tube will gain you huge exposure and direct engagement. The best thing? The URL can be changed without the need to re-label the codes. Brilliant.

At Conferences
Using the code at stands on exhibition day will allow potential clients to bookmark your chosen details within seconds, which might get you that extra interest from the curious passer-by when your sales team are all occupied.

In Shop Windows
Not much explanation needed. A QR Code in the window adds an extra dimension to engagement with consumers as they pass your store, allowing them to access information with ease including opening hours and price lists.

Expect this medium to take off soon. All offline ads can contain a QR Code which divert readers to a digital reference point.

We said this technology was limitless! Place a QR Code on all drugs packaging to allow users to quickly view instructions on their mobile.

Yep. Why not? Printing a QR code on the back of a nice pair of trunks will give anyone poolside access to your Facebook profile. This could revolutionise the way you meet people!

We’re only half joking about that last one.

So that’s the list, and by the time we publish it, there’ll probably be a load more ways of using the QR Code. Who knows how they’ll be adapted in 2012? Expect projections on buildings or parking tickets with a twist. Whatever happens, the QR Code is here to stay.

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